My Date With A Libdude

If you haven’t already been repelled by my unladylike and objectionable behavior and mannerisms, this post will solidify everyone’s knowledge that there is no other woman who needs this website more than I.

A friend set me up on a date with this guy a while back.  She told me that he was a “Conservative.” I should have suspected something was up as this friend and I often play practical jokes on each other.  I decided to go into it with an open mind anyway.

I dressed nicely:  heels, dress with 3/4 length sleeves, neckline that didn’t show but a nuance of cleavage, hair, makeup (which I hate wearing), and simple jewelry which consisted of dangle pearl earrings, and a matching necklace.  (Another thing I rarely do because most jewelry makes be break out wherever it touches my skin.)

We met at a local “nice” restaurant, and our lovely date began.  We got to talking about this and that.  He knew I had tattoos and asked to see them, so I showed them to him by lifting a sleeve a bit.  I did it discreetly so that no one else could see.  He seemed interested, almost obsessed with them.  Told me how cool and awesome he thought they were, and asked to see more.  He went on and on about how he wants to get one too, but just doesn’t know what to get!

Things seemed o.k. until we started talking politics.

He asked me what my views were, so I explained that I’m an independent voter, then went on to describe some of my political views such as personal responsibility, accountability, small government, and how able bodied people who live in a perpetual state of dependency on government disgust me, and should be drug tested to qualify for benefits.

He asked me, “Well, what would you do?  Take all those people off benefits and just let them starve?”

“Yes,” I said, then added, “for them to get back on benefits they must work at a job chosen for them by the government.”

This horrified him.  I could tell by the look on his face.  I knew my friend had punked me, and had instead set me up with a liberal.  He went on for a little while longer on how views such as mine are selfish, and that its more noble to take care of those less fortunate.

I countered with facts and information.  He shot back with thinly veiled personal attacks.

It was clear that Libdude’s anger was about to reach critical mass as his face turned red, and the veins in his neck started to bulge.  As I sat there calmly leaning back in my chair, probably smirking, sweat accumulated on his brow.  I don’t know why, but I found that really humorous.  I couldn’t resist the urge to see if I could get his face to change from red to almost purple by going on and on about how ignorant, and sometimes even stupid liberals and Democrats are; that they cant debate unless they are calling names, or changing the subject.  Looking right in his eyes with a serious look on my face, I leaned forward and quietly said, “I cant imagine having to spend more than a minute or two in the presence of a liberal who is talking about politics!”

Ahh!  KABOOM!  There it was.  THAT was the money shot I was looking for.

He stood up right in the middle of the restaurant, threw his napkin on the table, and gave me what I’m sure he considered a dressing down.  It was a beautiful thing to witness; a liberal unraveling in public, for all to see.

He said, “You don’t know what Conservatism is, or what it means to be a Democrat!  My parents are both Democrats and voted for Obama!  They would NEVER say the types of things you’re saying.  I thought you said you were Conservative, and LOOK at all the tattoos you have!  My parents would be embarrassed to be even SEEN with someone like you!”

…or something similar.

He reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet, and slapped down a little over a hundred dollars on the table, then stormed out.  I was relieved.  We came in separate cars, dinner was paid for, I got to take his lobster home in a doggie bag.  I enjoyed my dinner and wine in peace.  He didn’t even give me the chance to offer to pay for half!  I did let the change go to the server though.

Libdude equated Conservatism with how many tattoos I had. It didn’t surprise me.  Many if not most who claim to be Conservative have no clue what it really means either.  That’s why I gave up on “Conservatives” and conservatism a long time ago.  Its embarrassing to have to admit I claimed to be one of them.  We all live and learn I guess.

What I learned most that night though, was to never go on a date with a Libdude!  Well, unless you are in it for comedic relief, free wine, and take home lobster!

68 thoughts on “My Date With A Libdude

  1. You should get Charles the Hammer tattooed on you and see who recognizes him. Or better yet, Vlad Tepes.

    • If you were to ever meet me in person, you would understand quite clearly that it happened, and just as described. :) You should probably read more of me, if you can stand it. It should become clear that I’m uncultured, and not always tactful.

      Although, lately I’ve been at least making an effort. ;)

      • QA, that story was hilarious!

        I’m confused though, did he think tattoos made you more “conservative” or less?

        I guess some traditionalists might correlate “nontraditional aspects” with “nonconservative” politics but traditionalism and conservatism are definitely not the same.

          • Thanks for the clarification.
            I’ve told my wife before, that if the Lord blessed me with so much wealth that I never had to work again, I’d have tats all over me and a beard down to my navel.
            She does not want the Lord to bless me with so much wealth that I never have to work again. :)

      • LOL, let’s just say that this romance was not meant to be, and leave it at that. But hey, good grab on his lobster…reminds me of my beloved wife’s discovery and her seemingly immediate permanent “borrow” of my copy of the Book.

        Grrrls, they just go straight for the gold, you gotta love ‘em for that ;-D

      • Fair enough. It was just my impression. If I am mistaken then you have my apology.

        I do enjoy this site, though. Don’t get me wrong.

    • LOL. I just had to respond to this because I find it so amusing. I’m curious if you’ve ever been on a bad date, and see how quickly things can turn sour. This is especially true if you’re dealing with someone who is an insufferably sanctimonious, pompous, hypocritical ass. That QueenA was smug about the whole affair is beyond being relevant because seeing loudmouth hypocrite proclaimers of their superior morality getting caught with their pants down is one of life’s great joys. So is seeing leftish “men” and “women” turn 50 Shades of Red with rage being schooled on politics. I would know. I spent plenty of time in the Cathedral of Leftism, otherwise known as journalism school. Half of these half-wits needed smelling salts for paper cuts (that’s how easily they were offended), and the other half needed to be on a cocktail of medication for their bipolar induced rage when someone dares to contradict them on anything or think for themselves. Ladies beware. This man is a domestic violence case just waiting to happen. Be seen, not heard. And only speak when spoken to.

      “My parents both parents both voted for Obama!” goes the limp wristed shriek. Let’s translate this into English, shall we? I’m not a racist because I voted for Obama, unlike you evil Republicans, or gasp Conservatives! Never mind that the Democrats wrote the book on American institutionalized racism and abandoned it at the first opportunity when they realized that their support for said racism would no longer win them elections. Me thinks this dude protests too much. It would reminds of the words by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “the louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.” It’s probably a good thing QueenA had this clown cancelled at the first opportunity because she probably would have to endure him tell her that he thinks Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem et al are sexy as I have seen other manginas tell feminist girls just to jump their bones.

      It’s always amusing to see these liberal hypocrite “men” talk a good game about how they love a strong, independent woman, but fold like an accordion when they encounter them. Or froth at the mouth like they haven’t received their rabies shots when getting bitten by an infected animal. This hypocrisy, like all leftist lies and hypocrisies needs to be skewered, roasted and served hot off the grill more often. Or at least sent to the trash receptacle where they so richly belong. In case I didn’t mention it, I believe this story went down just as advertised. But I’m also curious about one thing…you didn’t say if you were a liberal. Are you? Is that why your feathers were ruffled so much?

      • Not very ruffled at all.

        I have to deal with these insufferable liberal asshats in a few disability groups I work with. These groups are like catnip to them.

        I wish I could deal with these clowns as deftly.

  2. I guess I don’t understand how much would be gained from associating government make-work programs with benefits. All to many people would love to have government jobs. There are projects which have cost/benefit ratios greater than 1.0, but they tend to be capital intensive and giving someone less than competent access to heavy machinery may be a mistake.
    At the same time, if you are going to have benefits like (for example) unemployment and someone pays in (or has their employer pay on their behalf money that would otherwise go to their salary) for 20 years and they want to use the benefit for a few weeks, I don’t see how the fact they may use cannabis sativa should influence this, especially if they have been doing so the entire time while working. Some of the top people in professions from entertainment to medicine use a lot of illegal drugs and are tremendously successful. They also aren’t all that functionally distinct from legal drugs such as caffeine and alcohol – it wasn’t clear if you would prohibit those. For that matter even strictly controlled drugs have a variety of medical uses.

  3. I have a man’s beard (not that hipster neckbeard horseshit), own and regularly fire enough weapons to make our President piss himself, have several years of Marine Corps service under my belt, and would gladly level my entire town due to its far left political inclination. Will you marry me?

  4. Oh blerg.

    I’d rather spend the rest of my life having a root canal 24/7 than spend it with the typically sanctimonious leftie. For some politics are unimportant, while for others they are more so. But for me, that kind of person is s non-starter as a mate.

  5. Haha, awesome. You know, the guys I work with in the merchant marine, we’re all tattooed, have either Mr. Clean’s shaved head or Duck Dynasty-styled do’s, most of us have Harleys, a decent stock portfolio, collect guns and tend to be married with kids… about 99% of us are conservatives, but we all look like ex-cons, and yet we are the 1%, as the po’ folks say. Goes to show…

    • Yeah, goes to show how ignorant people are with regard to those who choose a more “rugged” or rustic appearance and life. There is a quote out there that I really like. It goes something like:

      “There are two kinds of people in this world. Those with tattoos, and those who are afraid of those with tattoos.”

      • There’s a third kind too. The kind that believes losers with tats are sad, insecure, conformists sheep with little self respect.

        Tattoos are for losers. Too bad they’re permanent, Now you have to justify your tattoo mistakes for the rest of your life.

      • My experience with most people with tattoos is that they’re usually liberal/leftist, or some kind of hippy. At least that seems to be what tattoos have turned into. Some sort of hipster fad.

        It used to be for people in the military, and some criminals/bikers/pirates, but now it’s just posers, and hipsters. People that think it makes them look cool, or want to express themselves. Nobody’s afraid of them. Any fear would be from the people that used to get tattoos, a long time ago, cause they would have actual reason people would be cautious of them. The modern tattooed are usually posers, which includes you.

  6. Lucky you – you got a rise out of him. Normally their only trick is to ridicule without reason, condescend with nothing to back it up.

  7. Have any of those drug testing for benefits programs made it into the black? Last I heard they were bleeding taxpayer dollars everywhere.

      • Each state has their own program (many states never bothered). As of approx one year ago none of them had penciled out. Apparently not enough druggies on welfare.

        I supported it too but now I’ve backed off.

          • I’m not sure if the programs made everyone submit to testing or there were only random checks. Or both. But if you have 100k people on welfare, you randomly test 5k of them and only 30 come up positive, it’s a pretty safe bet that your multi-million dollar program is a failure and that testing the other 95k isn’t a productive use of taxpayer funds.

          • I understand what you are saying, but some of the most costly people health wise (mental or physical) to care for are those who among other things are addicted to drugs. I need to write a thing on this eventually.

  8. What a wimp! If it had been me I’d have walked out the moment you ordered the lobster, and left you to pay the check! LOL

      • Hmmm, well, if he had sufficient jam to actually order for the two of you, he couldn’t have been a complete wimp.

        • He didn’t order lobster for the both of us. He ordered Lobster for himself. I ordered a pasta dish with baby asparagus and chicken. I had already planned on paying for half the meal, but he stormed off before I could offer.

          I always offer to pay for my share of the date. Its odd though. None of the men allow me to. They seem insulted when I offer.

          • So you ate someone else’s dinner as well as your own? Hope you worked that treadmill the next day! Only kidding! LOL

            Seriously though, that guy must be seriously brainwashed with feminism if he still got his wallet out for a date that was pissing him off so badly he walked out.

          • ROFL! Not on the same night! I took it home with me.

            I hate treadmills. I prefer to go outside and take long walks with the dog. Either that, or I do resistance training.

            He was a liberal. That’s the only explanation needed. Looking back now though, I sort of feel bad for the guy. He was obviously set up on a date with a woman whom he was not going to like very much. My “friend” should have known how it would turn out. It was done to more or less play a practical joke on me. Even liberals don’t deserve to be punked like that. So it was mean. I do regret my behavior. Not at all lady like. I know how to be gracious on a date, just that time it was impossible for me. :-/

          • Well, of course the guy expects to pay for you and would be insulted if you insisted otherwise. But he should have asked you what you wanted and ordered for both. It’s a display of provisioning, his ability to provide resources. You on the other side would be expected to display your ability to prepare a meal for both of you. That is all part of the traditional dance.

            When I broke all the traditional codes, and took her fishing for our first real date, and cooked her a shore lunch, my wife was pretty much mine ;-D

          • Its harder for guys these days. Especially white guys. A lot of them are either unemployed, or underemployed. I never expect them to always foot the bill. I know that being able to have traditional values (which I have), and live your life as such is natural. Unfortunately there has been a lot of unnatural things going on in these times. Its going to take a lot to turn it around. I’m not sure it can be. In the mean time, I will always offer to pay my share of the date. If he insists on paying I wont argue with him.

          • A beautiful young girl has the world placed in front of her, it was always like that. My wife, at 18 and frighteningly beautiful, told me that she was not interested in any guy hoping to court her. So I deliberately broke all the traditional codes and that broke down her cynical attitude. I was no longer like all the rest.

            You may have to do the same. If you find a man that interests you, maybe offer to feed him. In the dysfunctional codes of this era, that will shock him into realizing that you just might be different ;-D

          • My wife offered to pay half on our first date. I found it very thoughtful…and then asked her to pay for my half too!

          • Sometimes they may feel insulted because they feel like you’re implying you’re not interested when you offer to pay. This is because you don’t want a man to spend his money on you if you’re not interested.

  9. Interesting story. I can’t stand liberals in person for long either, most of the time.
    Out of curiosity, have you read any or all of these:
    “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand
    “The Road to Serfdom” by F. Hayek
    “The Garbage Generation” by Daniel Amneus
    “Home Economics” by Roger Devlin

    The last two are available for free all over the internet.

    Good luck to you.

    • I think maybe Meredith has read the Rand book, not sure. I’ve heard about all of them but have not read any of them. I’ve heard the Rand book both championed and criticized negatively.

  10. You know what they say… every single liberal argument can be boiled down to calling people mean. And they vote based on those feelings!

  11. most jewelry makes be break out wherever it touches my skin

    I real gentleman would have offered to get you back to his place as quickly as possible so that you could get the offending articles off as quickly as possible. ;) (Couldn’t resist that set up.)

    views such as mine are selfish

    He who isn’t selfish – is a buffoon and is trying to sell you something. He
    needs to read Atlas Shrugged – it is almost prophetic in how she
    predicted the present Liberal-speak. I always say that if put in a room
    with a Liberal and a Conservative both would be screaming I was the
    anti-Christ (or it’s equivalent) in about 15 minutes. But then, I’ve
    always enjoyed butchering sacred cows – they taste so good when grilled
    with garlic and onions… That’s why in general I keep my mouth shut,
    but every now and them people keep poking till they open the fire-ant

    ps: Oh, and I’ve gotten that “just let them
    question more than once, and I say that when I was
    in grad-school I found that starvation was an amazingly effective
    motivator when I had $5 dollars to get through 15 days of freezing temps
    with a coat with a broken zipper and almost no food… I found the
    miracle of safety pins to close up a coat, and mackerel and potatoes are
    cheap, plentiful, and filling. But then I never took a hand-out, and
    see no reason I should give one to others and deprive them of the same
    sense of satisfaction of getting through the hard-times on their own.
    People need to have the RIGHT to FAIL, with no safety net – otherwise
    where is the fun?

    pps: Tattoos are too permanent for my tastes.
    If they faded away after 5 years I’d get one, but my opinions and tastes
    have changed as I’ve moved through life, so I’ve just never found
    anything (or anyone) that moves me enough that I would want it with me –

    • “I real gentleman would have offered to get you back to his place as
      quickly as possible so that you could get the offending articles off as
      quickly as possible. ;) (Couldn’t resist that set up.)”

      Haha! Funny man!

      needs to read Atlas Shrugged”

      We have that in our library but I’ve yet to read it. Not sure I need to now with all the quotes and references from it I’ve already read. Seems lots of guys mention that book all the time. Did you know there is even a dating site out there specifically for those who follow Rand?

      I’m glad you decided against tattoos. They are indeed permanent and your reasons for not getting any is valid. People don’t understand that preferences change, and what might seem cool and trendy at one moment in time may not seem so cool years later. You were wise enough to recognize this. Many don’t and end up regretting them, and spend a lot of time, money, and pain getting them removed.

  12. Its the difference between the dark side and the light side of the force in Star Wars.
    Anakin falls to the dark side because he is so afraid of people having freedom which is unpredictable and at times unstable. Anakin preferred to surrender to an all powerful leader who promises safety and peace and thought that everyone should think like him. The true liberal surrenders self to the all powerful government thinking he will get favorable living conditions and privileges for his loyalty and thinks that everyone should be obligated to obey a single master for their own good.
    In the end, Anakin is disillusioned by his master’s unfulfilled promises because instead of obtaining peace and safety for his family and republic, the government falls apart and he participates in the coup d’etat and kills his own wife and friends. It nearly costs him his life, but he does lose his soul and he becomes a slave to the master that promised him everything. Such is the fall of the progressive disciple.

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