Hey guys

I’ve been having somewhat of a family “thing” going on that has me distracted.  Things aren’t looking too good for a family member of mine so posts from me will be sporadic.  I may need to ask someone to handle things for me for a while.  Meredith is unavailable for the next couple of weeks, […]

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Not sure why it happened this time but we lost two posts and a bunch of comments.  I am hoping the writers who did the last two posts saved their work locally so we can get them back up again.  I’m at work so I will look into it more later. Sorry about the trouble. […]

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 Have Feminism and Liberalism’s Racial And Gender Bending Agendas Backfired On Them?


Feminism goes hand in hand with liberalism so I won’t try to separate them from one and other anymore.  Without liberalism there would be no feminism.  Without feminism there would be no liberalism.  They are a cohesive unit who’s bond was unbreakable until now.  However, feminism is showing signs of fatigue and is beginning to […]

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